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Silicon Valley

About The Founder:

Hello, My Name is Jes Hernandez I grew up in San Jose, CA My Mother was from Watts, CA and my Father From the small town of Sebastopol, CA They met in Tracy, CA and had me as young parents just out of high school. My Dad was a track-star for minute and loved playing the blues on harmonica, He worked in the 70's for the Ford Motor Company plant here in the Bay Area, My Mom went to school and worked many years in Home Improvement Retail and Pharmaceutical Medicine.


My Father would often introduce me to new records as he was an avid vinyl collector, So early on I was exposed to a plethora of musical genres.

While Mother has always been artsy and crafty, so that enhanced my mind and brought out my own artistic curiosity and expression.


One Summer my aunt Mona gave me a tape recorder she used to record lectures in college.

It came with a microphone, and immediately i went outside and starting recording many sounds.


Seems that I always knew there was this calling, drawing me into the world of music. in the 90's golden era i begin really honing my skills as an emcee, rocking shows with many underground indie acts and a few major recording artists. I became fond of making beats!!! people starting requesting my production and i supplied artists from all over California and the East coast with my productions. I was having decent success garnering national distribution and airplay of my music on MTV2, MTVU, CMC and VH1.

Fast forward I became a A&R In TV / Film Syncs in May 2015 and have had a good number of placements with affiliates such as NETFLIX, Hulu, NBC

HBO, Showtime, Marvel Comics, FOX, Cartoon Network, Quibi, Mercedes Benz, Billboard to name a few.

As a Record Supervisor i've seen success with my colleagues with a Billboard Top 10 Reggae Charts 28 weeks straight!

The Tune title was "Sister Caro"by Henricci ft Beenie Man  Jan-July (2018) we recorded that record at my private home studio.

Just goes to show that you don't need a huge budget, but you do need to work, and you can't be afraid to invest in yourself, it's your art, your music!

No one will ever invest in you if you cannot back yourself, I created pitch syncs to help aspiring songwriters, musicians, producers, composers

to get in the pipeline and be heard, I can't promise success, But i can represent you to this industry of sync licensing through my network

and direct ties with creative directors. Potentially putting your music in the board rooms of power players who choose who makes the cut.

Thank you in advance for becoming part of the Pitch Syncs Community where the creatives come 1st!!!

Jes Hernandez a.k.a JesTheBeats

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